Baseball Hitting Net: Powerful Pitching and Batting Netting

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Baseball Hitting Netting is designed to improve hitting performance and has been used by professional athletes and youth teams for years. The netting’s unique design makes it an excellent training tool. Professional baseball teams use them as their batting cage, especially for fielders. Because of its durability, the netting is a one-time investment.

DESCRIPTION. SKLZ Baseball Hitting Net consists of a high bow surface with a wide, diamond-shaped target to catch baseballs. Constructed from durable materials to withstand the harsh weather, the netting keeps the bow stable even after multiple hits. Made for practice year round, use the SKLZ Baseball Hitting Net for your next game.

FIT. The overall size of the net is larger than other net options available in stores. The manufacturers say the portable net is the perfect size for a baseball hitting net in a small bag. They also say that it is the perfect size for most children to fit into.

FLEX Setup. Unlike other Baseball Hitting Net , the SKLZ Baseball Hitting Net has a sturdy frame that will not be damaged by bumps or pressure from other players or the bag it is stored in. This net is made from a heavy-duty polyethylene plastic with a clear, UV protecting plastic backing. The portable net is built to last because it is made with reinforced nylon webbing and a cross wire crossbar. The lightweight net has a polyurethane coating on the bottom to avoid being attacked by oils and weather.

Lighter weight. Although this net is very durable and strong, it may not be as heavy as you think. The manufacturers say the portable/portable softball practice net is the perfect size for a baseball hitting net in a small bag. The lightweight net is made with a durable polyethylene plastic with a clear, UV protecting plastic backing.

Easy setup. The setup for the portable powernet baseball hitting net is very simple because it comes complete with a carrying case and a carry strap. Because it is so easy to setup, you can play multiple games with this same setup. Your child can practice hitting without worrying about getting the net and netting dirty.

Powerful pitching and hitting. A high-quality pitching & hitting net offers effective pitching and batting performance. It features a durable nylon mesh fabric that makes for quality ball penetration. The ball will travel down the slope at a maximum of 90 seconds. This is the same rate as an electric pitcher.

Durable construction. High-quality pitching & hitting nets feature sturdy aluminum frames and post caps that are manufactured to last. The frames are powder coated and then painted with an anti-rust paint to ensure long lasting durability. The pole caps have rubberized nose pads that prevent them from sliding forward or getting stuck.

Easy setup. Two standard size poles are included in every set. You won’t need any special tools to install a fiberglass-poles setup. The frame assembly is held in place with a pair of galvanized nut connectors.

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