How to Introduce a Water Feature to Your Garden

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These fountains, ponds, and pools offer inspiration to match any style, ranging from naturalistic to modern. Spitters add the sound of splashing water, operates as a stand alone system and adds visual interest to your pond. It’s much easier to get a water feature, or any feature, to look good if it’s placed in amongst planting rather than at the centre of a space. Nestled among the plants, it doesn’t matter if it’s a bit too big or small.

Add a few small water plants such as water lettuce if you like. Our staff are experts in water features and are always on-hand to answer any questions you may have both before and after purchase about our features, installation and maintenance. We have even developed a range of after-care products, such as our Frost-Free solution, to help you keep your water feature in tip-top condition year after year. Be sure to read our guide to protecting against frost in the Primrose Water Features Book under ‘Chapter 10 – Looking After Your Water Feature’. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option,solar-powered water featuresare perfect.

A 300 gph water pump will give you the type of flow you need for this style of fountain. Connect the water line to the pump and route it to the stone fountain location, avoiding areas where heavy stones will rest. Upgrade your decorative water feature for garden, hide unsightly electrical boxes, or add some color to your feature with decorative accessories. In nature, rainfall is trapped in various humps and hollows and soaks slowly into the ground, arriving slowly at streams and rivers.

Roughly assemble your fountain and other decorative large stones and cluster the five-gallon pails to locate the deep end of the basin. Move the stones into place and roughly assemble the stone fountain. Begin your search for fountain stone by looking online for stone suppliers in your area that custom drill stones or have a selection of predrilled stones.

In landscape architecture and garden design, a water feature is one or more items from a range of fountains, jeux d’eau, pools, ponds, rills, artificial waterfalls, and streams. When most people think of a water feature, they generally think of buying a prebuilt unit of some kind. There are plenty of pre-built units available for very reasonable prices. In the future, we plan to expand this page to include recommendations on where to buy our favorites. In addition to the pre-built variety, water features in gardens are sometimes custom made to achieve a more natural look. When building a custom water feature, you can make it any shape, size or style to completely customize the look to your landscape setting.

These plants consume harmful bacteria, decontaminate the water and prevent algal growth. A pond that looks great and is also good for you and the environment. Perhaps you like the idea of being able to swim in your garden but don’t want the harsh-blue, chemically augmented pool that this usually entails. This one is rectangular, but you can create more organic shapes by using rocks to landscape. While table fountains are shorter in stature, suited to fit on a table or a stand, wall types may be attached to a permanent wall.

Make sure to situate your bird bath where you can easily watch your winged visitors. If it sounds like a bath filling it won’t be relaxing, if it’s a barely-there trickle, it might just be annoying. Try to choose the sunniest spot in your garden to make sure that your water feature runs smoothly and for as long as possible. The exclusive range of our Stone Water Featurehas an enchanting and enigmatic effect on anyone at a single glance due to their sheer beauty and intricacy. Every design with us is conceived, conceptualized and crafted matching up at par with our client requisitions and expectations.

This means that any plants you’re considering for your herb planter water feature should be able to thrive or at least withstand humid conditions. This Lotus Fountain gives a touch of antiquity and has a beautifully crafted floral base to enhance its overall visibility. It can be utilized in all kinds of areas, as it will add an enigmatic effect to small as well as big areas like garden corners, parks, commercial building parks or residential parks and gardens. The Solar Trio Jugs Outdoor Water Feature incorporates three jugs with a small water spout for a gentle water flow effect.

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