The Korean games you saw in Squid Game

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These drinking games are essential in Korea for a fun night, especially when drinking with friends and are a great way to break the ice. So, if ever you plan on playing this game, make sure you have someone that is up-to-date with pop music or probably even someone with a wide range of music tastes. You can also challenge your friends or family members by focusing on songs by your favorite band. The game begins with the members forming three groups with each player competing in a three-way tug-of-war game.

This game appears in one of the most memorable and emotional episodes, Gganbu. Gganbu (깐부) is a Korean word meaning ally, brother, or partner. The opponent’s marbles are placed on the ground and your marbles are thrown from a distance to hit the opponent’s.

The game increases in difficulty if the band moves higher up the legs. If the band goes as high as the other player’s heads, the player in the middle will have to stand on their hands to move their feet around the band. Korean 먹튀 games originated from folk beliefs. The peninsula has been agrarian since ancient times, and Koreans have believed in gods who protect nature and their lands. Exorcisms were performed to increase crops and animal well-being; singing and dancing were popular activities.

Each member will only be given a second to answer and if the member fails to within the allotted time, a prize will be removed from the table. This game will go on until the last picture has been shown. However, once all prizes have been removed before the players guess the last photo, it automatically signals game over.

Swirl and shake the bottle in a circular motion before opening it – a method called ‘tornado’, which you might have seen in Korean shows. The soju bottle is also a key item used as a prop in some of the drinking games listed below. While less common, Korean beer and makgeolli are also consumed during drinking sessions.

Everyone will take turns to flick it until the rod breaks off. The person who flicks it off is usually the one to down a shot, though there are variations where they are the winner while the rest of the group downs a shot. Each person squats/sits down or stands up and calls out the next number. You are also out if another person shouts the same number as you.

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