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The 2021 census found that 17% of people in Cornwall identified as being Cornish , with 14% of people in Cornwall identifying as Cornish-only . Again there was no tick-box provided, and “”Cornish”” had to be written-in as “”Other””. It is recognised as one of the Celtic nations and is the homeland of the Cornish people. The county is bordered to the north and west by the Atlantic Ocean, to the east by Devon, and to the south by the English Channel. While offering listeners a much greater choice of stations and programming than previous, DAB did not offer Cornwall any extra local offering, as was hoped. The NOW Cornwall Multiplex however meant that Plymouth Sound, previously only audible in South East Cornwall, could be heard across most of Cornwall for the first time.

Advertisers included coal merchants, car dealers, department stores, garden centres, theme or tourist parks and solicitors. However, the number and frequency of Cornish advertisers on ITV Westcountry although not eliminated, are far less frequent in number. It is situated near the village of Four Lanes, about 2 miles south of Redruth.Transmissions used the 405 line black and white analogue system. Initially, content tended to be biased towards Plymouth, as the news and programme making studios were based at Derry’s Cross, and Electronic News Gathering facilities were decades away. Regional opt-outs are now on BBC One only; however for a time in the 1980s and 1990s, opt outs for some regional programming and south west news were on BBC Two as well.

Newquay has a very long runway, a growing airport with national and international connections and easy access to uncongested airspace over the Atlantic. Its Aerohub Enterprise Zone offers hundreds of acres for developing the business and manufacturing that will support the spaceport. The total number of visitors to Cornwall includes those on business and visiting relatives. Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly received Objective One status in 1999, primarily as a consequence of their low Gross Domestic Product per head (70.3% of the EU average). This resulted from a myriad of underlying socio-economic problems including the large number of people with relatively low levels of qualifications; with lack of basic skills beyond Level two being a particular problem. Agriculture, once an important part of the Cornish economy, has declined significantly relative to other industries.

The district of Cornwall is governed by Cornwall Council, a unitary authority based at Lys Kernow in Truro, and the Council of the Isles of Scilly governs the archipelago from Hugh Town. A Cornish pastyCornwall is perhaps best known though for its pasties, a savoury dish made with pastry. Today’s pasties usually contain a filling of beef steak, onion, potato and swede with salt and white pepper, but historically pasties had a variety of different fillings. “”Turmut, ‘tates and mate”” (i.e. “”Turnip, potatoes and meat””, turnip being the Cornish and Scottish term for swede, itself an abbreviation of ‘Swedish Turnip’, the British term for rutabaga) describes a filling once very common. For instance, the licky pasty contained mostly leeks, and the herb pasty contained watercress, parsley, and shallots.

Only very few programmes relate to Cornwall’s history and cultural identity. For example, on BBC Radio Cornwall, the Cornwall Connected programme, connects with the many Cornish who live worldwide, and David White’s programme on unsigned bands, but these remain isolated examples. Most of the rest on the three local stations is chart pop music or golden oldies, travel, weather and news. In some parts of Cornwall other Celtic radio stations can sometimes be received on FM. The BBC’s own BBC Radio Wales has its own Celtic music programme, which features Cornish, Scottish, Irish and Welsh folk music.

In 1989, Sky Television plc’s direct-to-home four channel service started and was followed by the launch of BSB in 1990. Daphne du Maurier was chosen by Peter Cadbury, as an iconic and famous Cornish resident to be on the Westward board of directors. The flamboyant Peter Cadbury made several enemies with the Independent Broadcasting Authority and also with high-profile community leaders. With financial troubles besetting the company, Westward lost the franchise in 1981, to be replaced by Television South West (going on air on New Year’s Day 1982), who inherited all the staff and the studios. Caradon Hill mast and towersIt could be argued that radio was born in Cornwall. In 1901 at Poldhu on The Lizard, Guglielmo Marconi made his first trans-atlantic radio transmission.

The Cornish language continued to be spoken and acquired a number of characteristics establishing its identity as a separate language from Breton. During the British Iron Age, Cornwall, like all of Britain , was inhabited by a Celtic people known as the Britons with distinctive cultural relations to neighbouring Brittany. The Common Brittonic spoken at the time eventually developed into several distinct tongues, including Cornish, Welsh, Breton, Cumbric and Pictish. In 2005, ITV launched ITV Local, a broadband news and information service. Although satellite television was gradually available throughout the 1980s, it was only available to owners of large dishes and the channels were intended to supply cable networks across Europe and domestic reception was not the prime audience.

In Cornwall, the huge growth in teaching and learning in the creative and Cornwall Media sectors in our universities have resulted in a large number of highly-skilled graduate entrepreneurs who want to maintain the Cornwall lifestyle and grow their business here. The sector contributed £39 million to the Cornish economy and created 22 start-up businesses over the past 12 months, with a growth rate of 31% in the past five years, compared with a 17% growth rate nationwide. Cornwall is the landing point for twenty-two of the world’s fastest high-speed undersea and transatlantic fibre optic cables, making Cornwall an important hub within Europe’s Internet infrastructure.

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