How to Use an Air Mattress to Kill Bed Bugs

October 7, 2021 by No Comments

If you have an insect infestation in your home, a bed bug air mattress cover is one of the solutions to take care of the problem. These covers are made to keep bed bugs, dust mites and carpet beetles from invading your mattress. In addition to the covers themselves, there are other solutions that you can use to solve this infestation problem.

One of the simplest ways to prevent bed bugs is to make sure that you never leave your house without wearing a sleep mask. Although these masks do not look like they would do much in terms of dealing with bed bugs, they are a very effective solution that can be used to draw the bed bugs away from your body. There are also bed bug air mattress covers that you can purchase to help keep the bed bugs away from your body. The covers are made from materials that are absorbent, such as cloth. They will catch bed bugs and their feces, which will allow you to sleep more soundly.

Another simple way to get rid of these nighttime pests is by using dehumidifiers in your bedroom. These humidifiers will draw moisture away from your body while you are sleeping, preventing the bed bugs and their eggs from hatching. You should also make it a habit to flip over your bed every now and then to increase the humidity in your bedroom, as well as wash your bed linens in hot water.

For those who are on a tight budget, you can always try to fumigate the bed bugs using a spray. These sprays are available at most stores and online, though they may not be as effective as you want. An alternative that is both inexpensive and effective is an old fashioned steam cleaner. These devices work on the same principle as the dehumidifiers, drawing away moisture and allowing the bed bugs to die. If you are tired of the constant itching and burning sensations, consider buying an air mattress instead. Learn more information about how to fluff a pillow

The best thing to remember about bed bugs is that they will never hurt you. They don’t leave any blood marks, so you won’t know that you have been bitten until after the fact. However, sometimes these little buggers do leave some tiny red bumps that look like small rashes. These red bumps are actually very itchy, and can be very irritating. If you are having an air mattress fumigation and you notice these red rashes, it is best to seek immediate medical attention because these telltale signs can mean that bed bugs have been thriving in your mattress all this time!

Though it is best to call in professional exterminators when dealing with bed bugs, it doesn’t mean that you should not attempt to eliminate these insects on your own. In fact, sometimes it is better that you do not have to! Though it is an inconvenience to have bed bugs biting your skin, it could potentially save your life. Remember to always clean the entire room, and then place the infested mattress in a sealed bag for treatment.

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