Some regions where kidnapping occurrences are more common

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There are some operational security concerns posting all details publicly and we do not want to jeopardize the safety and security of our clients or staff. This just a broad overview of some of the equipment we can provide. RF jammers are capable of jamming certain common radio frequencies. Several types of devices just like we listed above use RF but our scanner cannot stop physical threats like explosives. If an RF signal cannot reach a radio activated, improvised explosive device , than it will prevent it from being triggered.For gear that is not on the belt, starting with the top, I’ve Smith Optics Elite, in which I prefer the Frontman with ChromaPop lenses. I also will carry a pen which has a stylus and flashlight built-in, a small dedicated flashlight (Streamlight 1L-1AA) andRite-in-the-Rain note-taking gear. On my keys and on the visor of the vehicle, I have a Swiss tech ‘Bodygard Which has a window breaker and seatbelt cutter. It is designed to have the essential components needed in order to assist in controlling massive hemorrhaging at the point of wounding to bridge the gap until advanced care can be provided.

There may be a concern certain types of radio transmissions that are critical to the safety or sensitive information related to the client. We now see companies capitalizing on this idea, by making different lines of security team equipment and bags that tout themselves as being “covert” or “discrete”. I am of the belief that if you are wearing clothing that advertises itself as either of these things, it’s anything but. As we know, the danger of kidnapping is always a concern amongst high-level executives, especially when operating and traveling to some regions where kidnapping occurrences are more common.

We are able to run multiple drones during transit operations to spot poor traffic conditions, reconnaissance for potential threats from buildings, rooftops etc. long before we come into range. Not only does this increase our efficiency in how quickly we can move but it provides a significant advantage over threats planning an attack on any convoys or fixed locations. For lower threat targets we utilize Software Define Radio s for signal detection. One of our personnel can operate it continuously scanning for rogue radio signals. This stops most threats even if a threat activates the device later on it will still be detected by our scanner. There are several reasons why RF detection is important for some clients.

Our assistance helps clients understand the risks, their impact and likelihood and how to build resilient systems to manage, monitor and respond to a deteriorating security environment or incident. We develop exercises based on realistic scenarios, testing the client CMT to tabletop and live drill formats, which are tailored to the CMTs previous experience and training, perceived weaknesses, and strengths. Depending on the scenario, exercises either incorporate full external notifications and communications, or closed-channel simulation of external notifications within the CMT. For retailers with national or global reach, where protection of supply chains, key executives, retail assets and stock is paramount. Online chatter at key locations, whether you’re protecting travelling staff or assets, can provide an early warning for potential threats. The origins of security systems are obscure, but techniques for protecting the household, such as the use of locks and barred windows, are very ancient.

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